Characters & Glossary

Chu Wang Fei by Ning Er


云相府 Yun xiangfu

  • 绮罗园 Qi Luo Yuan (Beautiful Silk Garden)
    • 云千梦 Yun Qian Meng, Meng’er, da xiaojie
      – first daughter, born from the main wife; was actually a police detective in charge of drug trafficking cases before taking over her body; her name means thousand dreams
    • 慕春 Mu Chun
      – a personal maid that is loyal to Yun Qian Meng
    • 水儿 Shui’er
      – a servant from the Empress Dowager
    • 冰儿 Bing’er
      – a servant from the Empress Dowager
    • 米嬷嬷 Mi mama
      – an old maid that used to serve Yun Qian Meng’s mother
  • 风荷园 Feng He Yuan (Wind Lotus Garden)
    • 苏青 Su Qing, Su yiniang
      – Yun Ruo Xue’s mother; a concubine that is most heavily favored by Yun Xuan Zhi within the xiangfu
    • 云若雪 Yun Ruo Xue, Xue’er, er xiaojie
      – the second daughter, a spoiled brat; her name means like snow
    • 王嬷嬷 Wang mama
      – a cunning old maid that serves Su Qing
  • 百顺堂 Bai Shun Tang (Great Success Hall)
    • 老太太 Old madam, laotaitai
      – Yun Xuan Zhi’s mother, has a grudge against Su Qing
    • 云易易 Yun Yi Yi
      – the daughter of Yun Xuan Mo (younger brother of Yun Xuan Zhi)
  • 清晖园 Qing Hui Yuan (Clear Sunshine Garden)
    • 云易珩 Yun Yi Heng
      – eldest son of Yun Xuan Mo (younger brother of Yun Xuan Zhi)
    • 云易杰 Yun Yi Jie
      – second son of Yun Xuan Mo (younger brother of Yun Xuan Zhi)
  • Others
    • 云玄之 Yun Xuan Zhi, laoye, xiangye
      – a prime minister, the head of the Yun family,
    • 柳含玉 Liu Han Yu, Liu yiniang
      – Yun Yan’s mother; a concubine that takes charge of the household when Su Qing was punished; her name means containing jade
    • 云嫣 Yun Yan
      – third daughter; her name means captivating

辅国公府 Fu Guo gongfu

  • 季舒雨 Ji Shu Yu, Ji shi
    – Yun Qian Meng’s aunt, the wife of her mother’s brother; her name means comforting rain
  • 谷老太君 Gu laotaijun
    -Yun Qian Meng’s maternal grandmother
  • 曲妃卿 Qu Fei Qing
    – Yun Qian Meng’s older female cousin from her mother’s family, an innocent young lady
  • 曲长卿 Qu Zhang Qing
    – Yun Qian Meng’s older male cousin from her mother’s family, has a successful military career

韩国公府 Han Guo gongfu

  • 元庆舟 Yuan Qing Zhou
    – Chen Wang’s cousin, known for being loose with his relationships.


  • 辰王 Chen Wang
    – Broke off his engagement with Yun Qian Meng at the beginning of the story.
  • 楚飞扬 Chu Fei Yang
    – a talented, young prime minister, has a more senior position than Yun Xuan Zhi

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  • B
    • ben – I, me, this…; ben (insert title) is used to refer to themselves when talking down to others; (usually) demands respect
  • D
    • di – legitimate, born from the wife; the di children are generally the rightful heirs of the family (if male)
  • E
    • ‘erlit. child; often added to the end of names to show closeness or endearment
  • F
    • 夫人 furen – missus, legitimate wife; the main wife, generally used in address; e.g. Mrs Yun = Yun furen
    • fu – estate, manor, residence; usually the residence of an rich, influential or powerful family
  • G
    • guo – country;
  • H
    • 后院 houyuan – backyard, rear courtyard, inner courtyard; where the womenfolk will usually have their quarters
  • J
    • 姐姐 jiejie – elder sister, older sister;
    • 金牌 jinpai – Gold Medallion; carried by members of the royal family, it is a symbol of their authority
    • 舅母 jiumu – aunt; specifically the wife of mother’s brother
  • L
    • 来人 lairen – come, people!; commands all or most of the servants to come over before giving them their orders
    • 老奴 laonu – old slave; similar to 奴婢 nubi, but by older servants
    • 老爷 laoye – master, old man; the head of the house
  • M
    • 嬷嬷 mama/momo – old female servant; occasionally wet nurse
    • 妹妹 meimei – little sister, younger sister;
  • N
    • 女儿 nü’er – daughter
    • 奴婢 nubi – slave servant
    • 奴才 nucai – slave servant
  • P
    • 婆子 pozi – old female servants; similar to 嬷嬷 mama
  • S
    • 婶娘 shenniang – wife of father’s brother. (Li shi, Yun Xuan Mo’s wife)
    • shi – the maiden name, maternal family; referring to the maiden surname before marrying into another family
    • shu – born from the concubine, low birth; lower status than children from the main wife
  • T
    • 通房 tongfanglit. passing through the room; servants who serve the master 老爷 laoye in bed
  • W
    • 外甥女 wai shengnü – niece; sister or sister-in-law’s daughter
    • 外祖母 wai zumu – maternal grandmother; mother’s mother
    • 王府 wangfu – prince’s estate, palace; not the same as the imperial palace
  • X
    • 相府 xiangfu – the minster’s estate
    • 相爷 xiangye – master, minister;
    • 小姐 xiaojie – young miss, miss, missy; young girl usually from a good family
  • Y
    • 丫鬟 yahuan – servant girl
    • 丫头 yatou servant girl, girl
    • 姨娘 yiniang – concubine
    • yuan – garden, yard;
  • Z
    • 主子 zhuzi – master; the masters of the household have control over the servants